One Simple Concept Humans Fail

Yah. He did. Said New Commandment. Yah. Said Love One Another. Period. Whether you like them or not. Respect, kindness, generosity for each other.
I pray Humans Soften their heart to one another.
We're all in this together.
This Planet is one of the gifts we have. So we must care for it and All it's inhabitants. If you Know Jesus then you Know the Light he eminates and Love. And Beauty. So it would seem natural to share it! Jesus is beyond what I can conceive.
To me Jesus is All The colours I can't see that don't exist yet on Earth.
He's not one colour, or look. He can shift, I mean he did come back from death looking pretty beautiful, you don't think Jesus is capable of more shifts and changes?
To respect and love all people (unlovable and our enemies), and Earth and all it's inhabitants.
Love One Another, Forgive One Another, and Don't Judge Another.
Ik for many it's too simplistic. But remember the message Jesus gave was too. 


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