Hurricane Ian aftermath

We are blessed and know many were praying for us! It Shows! 
3 days no power. Yes it was ok the first few days, but having to throw out so much food, made me really sick. I despise wasting food. But the frozen food we just couldn't keep absolutely frozen. 
As I threw it out I prayed. Knowing people dying of starvation on this planet, people even in this country going to bed hungry. 
That was just my personal hurricane outside of the whole event itself. 
Anyway we were very very blessed! No flooding in our first floor condo. 
And were right on the River. As odd as this sounds, we're in a no flood zone, lol. 
Although there was flooding the worse Daytona Beach has seen since 1935. We got walloped for 30 hours, the Storm just hung out and there was 10-12 inches of rain. Our main road was flooded for 2 days. We had three boats sink in our little marina attached to our condos, 1 Sailboat *good size* maroon at our shoreline. 2 others in vicinity not far off.
There are many horrible stories were all hearing and seeing about Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island (I have lived in Fort Myers and Jeff and I got Married in Sanibel Island so we love that area so much). 
Ours is a small inconvenience compared to how horrific and terrifying others experiences were and still are.
Heartbreaking to see. My prayers continue for Cuba as well as Carolina's and Virginia. And all affected by Ian.


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