New Fall Design to Share.

Fall is a oddball time in Florida! Ita beautiful weather, for the beach lol. Not for Michigan style Fall! 😀
We don't get the whole trees changing colours thingy, more just happy to be able to spend time again comfortably outside! 
Fall growing up in Michigan was beautiful shades of orange, browns, and deep colors. Orange growing up was my favorite colour! So to see it widely used (lol) by God is awesome! 
I also feel Fall is a time for reset. The long, hot and sometimes brutal (let's get real) Summers in Florida, make alot of life move slower, somethings even stop in Summer (events, gatherings, groups, etc) and resume in Fall. 

God gives us Seasons I feel to move more, or less.
The less periods are for contemplation, reading, quieting our minds to sync up with God's will for us in a deeper way. 
Not saying the times of movement I don't do those things, just not as much.
My personal journey with God has been one of ebbs and flows like most of us. Whenever I feel the relationship is weak, and that's 💯 my fault, then I go to Mother Mary and talk with her like she's hanging out with me that day. I ask for her deep Faith she had on Earth, for her ability to be at peace Whenever things point to Schism and Catastrophic events. I thank her for this!

I also find doing the Rosary something that heals my mind of useless chatter, thoughts and annoyances. So I can breath easier, think clearer and feel her peace around me. Then the dialogue, and I mean a deep thankful dialogue with God happens. Mother Mary interceding for me and  makes God even more mercyful to me. 

I also find the Divine Mercy Chaplet really gets me in the groove to worship on a humble, thankful, awe inspiring level to Jesus. 

That God our Father gave us such tools to use to get closer to him makes me so so thankful. 

If this sounds foreign or like why do we need this jazz, I say drop that contempt prior to investigation attitude and try it with a open heart and mind. You I promise will be transformed, one bead at a time. 
And a big Thank You for the gift of a beautiful Michigan leaf photo that our Fourth Honarary Brother Jack M gifted me that got this Design going! 


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