The Catholic Life....Lit..

So the last few months have been busy starting up my business again. 
I have designed and sold Custom Jewelry for twenty years. When I'm not designing Jewelry I'm creating Graphic Designs and Photographic Artwork. 
After alot of praying and contemplation I've been lead to Create Catholic Sacremental Jewelry and Artwork. 
I have a line of limited Edition Holy Cards, Custom Design rosary pouches and cases,
Unique Design Miraculous Medal Necklaces, St Benedict Medal Necklaces and Bracelets, Divine Mercy limited Edition Necklaces and Bracelets. 
And some St Benedict Crosses that are nice key rings and Rosaries. 
As well as Rose Scented Divine Mercy Rosaries, Our Lady of Guadalupe rose scented Rosaries, and Jerusalem rose scented Rosaries all come with beautiful Limited Edition cases or pouches. 
I'll be showcasing some photos. Most of what I have is very limited and I'm doing Basilica of St Paul Christmas Bazaar and will probably sell out. 
If your interested, just message me I have photos of everything available. 
I have surprises also that are coming from Rome. 
This has been quite the journey. 


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