Unveiling the Limited Edition Catholic Sacremental Jewelry and Artwork for Christmas

I've been wanting to have a line of Jewelry and Artwork available for the Holidays for a few years now. But it seems Divine Mercy Jesus and Blessed Mama Mary had other ideas. After much prayer and contemplation I've found that I was guiding to doing 12 Designs. 
For the Twelve Tribes, 12 Stars surrounding Blessed Mama Mary. I'm just going with what I'm led to do. 
OK here are a few pieces a little teaser!
It started with these 12 Miraculous Medals. They aren't made in Italy, like the others. But they are also less expensive and once they are blessed they are good to go. I put them on a Stainless Steel Necklace and added Stainless Steel tiny Miraculous Medal and Catholic Cross. They dont have a clasp, they are 30 inches over the head.
The price for this Necklace, Pouch, Sticker and Laminated Holy Card is $15.00. I have limited Stock. 
They come with blue velveteen pouch, a Limited Edition Miraculous Medal Holy Card,  Pray the Rosary Round Sticker. I'll also include a lil surprise. And starting in November, every Gift Set purchased will include a Free Gift of a Small St. Benedict Medal that was Blessed by the Pope. And I will also include a Limited Edition St. Benedict Prayer Card. (Not Blessed by the Pope,lol) with every Gift Set Purchase.
This all came to me after a hard day of Crohn's Pain. I give those Grace's Up! Lol.
I do require whomever purchases any of the gifts sets or individual pieces, they must be blessed. By your Parish Priest, or Bishop, etc
That way they are not just kewl to wear, but also bless and keep safe those who wear them. 
The sets won't be shipped til November. We're waiting on the package from Rome, at this time. 
Much more to come. God Bless!


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