November the Month of The Holy Souls in Purgatory.

Since coming back into the fold on Holy Saturday of this year, I did the First All Saints Day Mass in 40 years, this week! We were asked to bring up the Gifts to Father AL. It was a treat for sure! 
It was Jeff's first ever All Saints Day Mass! 
There were photos on the front table in the Entrance way of those who have passed for the following Days Mass Holy Souls Day. 
We were planning on going to Holy Souls Day Mass, but I had a terrible Crohn's Flare up, and had to stay home. I also didn't get photos of familia members who passed to send to the Printers, to take them to the Church. 

But it is what it is. We did watch the Premier of Dearly Departed on Formed. It was about Purgatory and death. 
Highly recommend!

For many Christians and Non Christians they say Purgatory is just a Catholic thing. 
It's not in the Protestant Bible. 
Well the real story is...
Martin Luther did preach purgatory in the beginning. It is in the book of Macabees. 
Which Martin Luther said wasn't originally in Hebrew so he didn't include it in King James Bible. 
So in the 1950's there's some Scrolls found, The Dead Sea Scrolls. Guess what is in it? Macabees in Hebrew! So it should and is in the Original, Catholic Bible. 
In The book of Macabees it talks of praying for those who passed, that a purification is necessary before we get into Heaven. It is where the word Purgatory comes from. 

Mother Mary has laid it on my heart to pray for those in Purgatory, especially those least likely to be released. It's believed to be the most Charitable Act we can do on Earth!
And they pray for us in return. 
Here is a famous prayer. 
This Prayer was given to Saint Gertrude by Jesus to say for those in Purgatory.  Each time you say it, it releases 1,000 Souls. Which is a drop in the bucket, no doubt! 
There is also a Chaplet you can say with it.
Of course we pray for our familia's who have passed, and friends, and loved ones. But I think it's super important to pray for those who are forgotten
I found this pray from the 1930's I believe on a Holy Card from Church in Detroit. Prayer for the Forgotten Dead. 
Jesus said to love one another.  This is a great Act of Love ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ 💕 💘 🙏🙏🙏✝️✝️✝️✝️
One of the greatest we can do for our fellow brothers and sisters.
And hey, I'm just looking to get a good spot in purgatory maybe with a view, lolol. 
May this month bring us closer to Yeshua, open our hearts more, and reminds us of our eminent death one day and what we can do to prepare for it while on Earth. Amen!
I ask these questions. Am I doing enough? Am I paying attention to the Afterlife and what I can do now to purify myself? 

God Bless and Let's keep Praying! Especially the Rosary for our World!


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