Paradise on Earth for a moment! And Jewelry Update🌹✝️❤️

I so love this time of year in Florida. So beautiful.
It's like Florida lite, lol. Since it's sunny, but not scalding hot, and usually a nice breeze to make it delicious.
Maybe that's as close to paradise on Earth we can get? Lolol
So I'm gearing up to sell again in my Etsy Shoppe my Catholic Sacremental Jewelry. I am pretty much ready to roll. Just need to do the tedious listings.
I say tedious only because it's not the fun part of creating and designing. And thinking of the joy the pieces will bring the wearer. Because they are Sacremental Medals *only few that are not, they hold deeper meaning for the wearer. They are to be blessed by a Priest.
Many of the limited designs I have the Medals come from Rome. Where they have been making them for centuries.
So, for us Catholics they have a deeper and more significant meaning other then being pretty or a nice piece of Costume Jewelry.
I use stainless steel on all the chains. I find that with my allergies to Medals, besides Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel I can wear.
Also with Sacremental Jewelry as Catholics, we tend to wear them 24/7 forever. I do at least with a few of my pieces.
I also usually change out the jump rings they come from, for stainless steel. I've noticed the jump rings that come with the Medals from Italy seem almost like a afterthought. They just aren't strong and usually aren't even closed up.
I do include with each purchase a gift pouch, Hang Tag, sticker and limited Edition Holy Card. That's another big Catholic Thing. Holy Cards.
I create, design and the laminate them so they last. The designs are visions I see that Mother Mary shows me. She loves tropical flowers and bright colors. Seriously! That's why she recruited me to do Catholic Art now exclusively. 
She stole my hippie heart ❤️.
So I felt the need to do the gift sets for Christmas or any gift giving event. And then they can be reused, the pouches, and such.
You don't have to be Catholic to wear them. I do want to clarify that. Getting the piece blessed by a Priest (also, don't have to be Catholic), gives it like a super power lolol.
Many say, it's weird you have Medals that you feel protect you. Well we live in a Material World, and we are gifted with items that keep us closer to our faith, remind us of our faith, and can even protect us. Many many stories of St Benedict Medal and the miracles and protection that came from wearing a blessed Medal around the neck, wrist, keychain, etc.
I'm including a few pics of what I'm speaking of, and pieces that will be available soon.


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