COVID a early Hanukkah and Christmas Gift I didn't want

Seriously. Covid and Positive shouldn't be in the same sentence. Nothing positive about it. 
It's like a miserable journey to the brink of H E L L.
Good news is that brink for me this time has been less. 
And yes I'm vaxed, rarely go out and try to not be around a lot of people since the first time i got it nearly killed me. Seriously messed me up. But I survived it. And I surely didn't want to get it for a Double Header. 
But that's what happened and honestly it's just as bad but shorter version of January 2020. That I got from Air Travel to Chicago through Orlando. It was early on they thought I had walking pneumonia. I've had it before and Covid was worse. I was in a fight for my life. I did a lot of healthy supplements and foods as well as juices. I didn't go to the Hospital most people would have. I did everything I ever learned from all my natural healing studies over the years. 
And I had got back my Faith I grew up with during this time. No coincidence there. 
E v E r. 
That along with sitting outside when I was strong enough, spending time outside as much as I could. 
It took quite awhile to heal from it's long Covid (chronic fatigue) I still deal with it. I got Mono (virus also) and suffered from Chronic Fatigue for first time. I have a gene anomaly called MTHFR can do this. It's from the small amount of Jewish Blood we have. 
Crohn's too. 
Whoda Thunk. 
We learned of it in the 90's. 
My mom had trouble accepting it. It's understandable. Thinking your 100 proof Italiano and Catholic
Then you learn something else. It's hard to explain. Old Country thinking is different then USA thinking.
I won't judge her. She loved people of all walks of life. No matter your creed, color, or sexual preference. 
My Grandparents we're great like that too. They didn't buy into Racism. Of any kind. They looked out for everyone. 
What our World should be like. They really tried to live the Catholic Life. 
Rule 2, Love and care for all our brothers and sisters. Rule One we're all brothers and sisters made by God. 
Always refer back to rule one if in doubt. 


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