Feast or Famine The Catholic Recovery Life

Selling my Catholic Sacramental Jewelry and Artwork at our Church, Basilica of St Paul this weekend haven't done a show in at least ten years. And I've never even been to a Bazaar (It's called a Bazaar the event )! I'm thinking Moroccan Bazaar? Anyway it has a lot to do with display. Not my strong point, tbh. And I literally changed how I was doing my display at the last minute. I know not too brilliant, lol. And I just couldn't figure out how to do it and how to make it optimum.
And I finally, mostly finished at 4:30am this morning! Lol
I've been up all night last few nights to tweak it. And my perfectionism took over. But, I know from experience that the first show display and event will have some bumps, but once I've tweaked my display, it will be easy peasy IF I do more shows.
Honestly, I was praying to Mama Mary and felt the message was Online, and Re Open my Etsy Shoppe that I've had since 2007.
I've been creating Art and Jewelry since 1984. And made a living for years, then I decided to change up doing Jewelry Design to doing Photography took some classes, back in 2001, and then started doing Graphic Art in 2011.
Then I started using assorted apps on my phone and learning. By 2016 I gave myself a goal of 365 pieces of Graphic Art in a Year.
Which I did. Then I just kept learning, working, working, working. So I always say most Artist have side gigs. Mine was Caring for sick or dying people with Dementia, Cancer, etc. 
 But I never ever stopped doing my Graphic Art. I knew I needed at some 👉 to start selling my work. So it's funny this week has been a bum rush to get the display and everything tweaked for selling, while also re setting up my Etsy Shoppe to sell Online. Haha! Self Care has been effected. I'm at home stretch and can say it seems a lot of us do this. Feast or Famine in many different ways.
Be nice to get back to Rhythm of Catholic Recovery Life. 
I should have the Etsy Shoppe fully ready by mid next week. And I'll post photos of the Display this weekend. 


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