The Journey back home to Catholicism....

This isn't a easy blog post to write. But if things are easy it's usually not life changing. 
I struggle a lot with some of the Crosses I've been dealing with in my life. And some aren't my Crosses. 
I am at a lost why life is upside down again. But it is. I came back to Catholicism on Holy Saturday this year. St Bernadette of Lourdes Feast Day. I had left for 40 years. 
Which is not lost on me and my Jewish Blood Line. 

I didn't want to come back. I didn't want to do anything Catholic. But my Heart had changed. Something Supernatural had occured. isn't that Jesus's way? God the Father's way? Holy Spirit way?
Sacred Trinity At Work. 
Many are shocked and have let me go as a friend. Many are judging or even saying I've went off the deep end. 
And so on.
It matters little. 
I matter little. 
Less me, more Jesus. 


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