365 Days of Bible Verse Artwork

Day 1 of Bible Verse Artwork for 365 days. 
So I did this thing. Like 5 years ago. Or maybe 6, lol. 
Where I did a piece of Artwork a day from my photography. And I truly did it. It really helped me grow as a Digital Graphic Artist.
 Because not everyday I was inspired lol. 
So this year after doing the Rosary today it came to me, do a Bible Verse Art Piece a day. I have a App that gives me a daily Verse. So that's what I'm doing now for 2023. 
Funny I started doing it a few days ago without realizing it! This is the first week days 1-7. 
Day One. Them Changes!
Day 2. Answer the Door to your Heart. Yeshua is waiting there. 
Day 3. Trust in everything to Adonai. 
Day 4. Yes Adonai looks after us. He wants us to be well in body, mind and spirit. 
Day 5. Chill. Adonai will take care of it. It's not here today. 
Day 6 Love Your enemies and your Familia. 
Day 7. We are so Loved because Adonai's Son Yeshua gave up his Earthly life in a horrific bitter tragic worse of the worse ways to Die. So we could Live!

The first week of this journey. I thank Mama Mary for pushing me in this direction and Adonai and Yeshua for gifting me. 


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