Day 10 of 365 Bible Verse Artwork.

Day 10. 365 Days of Bible Verse Artwork. 
Ok. Honestly. This was a tough piece to do. 
Long Verse Today. 
Really long. 
And not really my style. But 2023 stretch. Lol. 
And it's a tough piece to blog about.
So this is my take. I personally believe in Yeshua. And Adonai. They lead my life. Adonai offered the greatest Sacrifice. So in Pre New Testament we read of the animal sacrifices Adonai requested for our sinful (remember Character Defects) nature.
Well that wasn't working. But the Altar, Temple and Sacrifice was and still is in play for Catholics. 
Yeshua didn't belong on the Cross. He belonged in the Most beautiful Temple being heard as the Greatest Rabbi who ever lived. Because Yeshua was many things on Earth, Rabbi being one of them. 
But mostly Son of Adonai. 
But he came to Save us. And he was treated the most horrific way possible. His father in heaven Adonai knew this would happen and loved his creations so much he was willing to allow this. 
He bleed, Alot. His blood is a symbol. I personally can't stand to look at blood. I get sick if I see it. Faint if I watch them take blood from me. 
But I think of it symbolically. 
Giving such pain and suffering beyond what I can comprehend. He felt all the evils, sins of this world. 
For Me, For You, For Us. 
If your reading this and aren't a believer and maybe rolling your eyes, remember nothing happens by accident. 


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