Day 18 of 365 Days of Bible Verse Artwork. Keep the Faith!

Day 18. 365 Days of Bible Verse Artwork. 
Fight the Good Fight for Faith. 1 Timothy 6:12. 

Today's Bible Verse I think says it all. Keep going, don't stop no matter what. 

In recovery we say we don't use no matter what.
Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling, etc. 
We fight the Good Fight for Recovery.

Because we all have those moments, days, seasons, where were like dry inside and feel like we're just going through the motions. 

But, we continue to keep moving forward. We stay the course.
No matter what our head tries to tell us. No matter what our heart tries to tell us, No matter what our mind tells us. We keep going. 

I speak from experience. 

The Sun always comes up in the Morning. The darkness doesn't last. 

I used waves in this art piece because it can feel like we're duck diving into waves crashing. And we have faith we're gonna come out on the other side. To where the ocean is calm and waves are waiting to be caught. True peace and serenity.  
(I was a avid body boarder years past).
For Adonai we fight the Good Fight of Faith. No matter what. 


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