MLK Day 2023

Dedicated to a man who had the courage to know his life wouldn't be long, yet moved forward in faith to change the hate to love. A man who knew love was bigger then any hate. 
A man who was flawed, imperfect, but as Solomon was after God's own heart. With a passion and at times they fall short. 
I think that in my book MLK Jr was a more of a Prophet then even now we realize. He wanted to do what Yeshua spoke about. Love one Another. Period. The Number One  Commandment. 
Like Solomon who strived to do this also, but with Solomon, he ended up being consumed by his addictions. 

For myself I adore Pastor Martin Luther King Jr (to me he was a Saint, a human one no doubt).

He is one of my top 5 men I really changed after reading or hearing their writings or Speeches the most, during the time I have lived on this Earth.

My Men whose Speeches or Readings changed my life 1963-2023 Era list is:
1. Saint Pope John Paul ll
2. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.  
3. Saint Padre Pio 
4. President John F Kennedy Jr 
5. Pastor Shadrach Meshach Lockridge (I just recently found this Man)

At my memorial I want his speech about The American Dream played. A passage from a book by JFK Jr , as well as a passage from Saint John Paul ll writings to be read,  Pastor Shadrach Meshach Lockridge That's my King Video, and also my favorite AA and Bible Passage I wrote as a blogpost to end it . 
I know a bit morbid. Lol. 


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