Weekend Edition of Daily Bible Verse Artwork

We are kids of Adonai! Our creator, our well, Everything!

We're all just stumbling around on Earth and playing Grown-up Life. 

But we're all just kids in need of our Heavenly Father! 

And I personally need to be remind of this when I think (first mistake), I'm in control of any of this going on! 
Yes I'm in control of (sort of) what I expose myself too, what I put in me, through my senses or body. And even then, with Addictions, I'm not able to really have that "control" always. 

That's where The Second Daily Bible Verse Artwork Is about less of me, more of Adonai. I trust in his will, and not mine. My understanding of well pretty much anything is limited. I may think I'm a smarty pants in certain areas, but, really, I'm pretty much NOT! The more I learn, the less I know. 

I pray today we remind ourselves we're kids of God and lean on Adonai for understanding and awareness in our lives. 

Shalom, Shalom


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