Daily Bible Verse Artwork

Today's Daily Bible Verse Artwork is about keeping humility front and Center. At least for me. During this Lent Season it's always good to doing some serious self reflection on this. 

What does being poor in spirit even mean?

To the Jewish Faith, it means people who recognize their own spiritual poverty, their need for Adonai. 
Yah, ok, that's pretty much me all the time. 

Being in Recovery means edging out ego. Squashing it at every turn.
For my spiritual health and mental wellness. 

There's a saying God is everything or nothing. It's a Recovery saying. But it's not exclusively a Recovery quote. 

For me, God's Everything. 
But it's something I need reminded of pretty constantly. I have a quick forgetter. 

I pray today we all can embrace our humility and lean into God for All things! 

Shalom, Shalom


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