Good Friday Daily Bible Verse Artwork

Today's artwork and verse are dear and near to me. To Alot of us Christians. 

I am a multi generational Cradle Catholic. Catholic School and all. 
I didn't have a choice growing up. Everyone we knew we're Catholic. 
When I was 18 I left the Church and didn't look back. There was a lot of Trauma attached to it. 

I got into Recovery in 1999. I slowly Found God again. The Jewish God of my distant Ancestors. 

Then on my 21st AA anniversary my Mother died. 

She had her funeral at the Church we grew up in. First time in Catholic church for Mass in well 38 years. 

Then I came back to Jesus. I thought oh I will be Protestant like my two of three brothers left Catholic Church for. Well it was during Pandemic. So I watched alot on TV and Streaming. 
I nearly died of COVID during that time. 
I kept praying asking for a Church to be a member of. And it never came. Just wait. Was what was felt in my reflection time. 
Then last April I saw the word Catholic in my head. I was like what??? No no no way! Ever ever ever. 
N O. 
It Keep appearing. Like a Neon sign. And you know I love them bright colours! 
I was suicidal. I was crying and shouting out help me God! Please! I can't take much more. 
Then came the thought (not mine) The Church isn't at Fault for what we do or don't do. I can't blame the abuse on being Catholic. It had nothing to do with the Church (it was in my home and pretty awful). 
They just weren't great examples of being Catholic ( Parents). They were broken. Like me. 
So I found Father Phil and He gave me Confession first in 40 yrs. On Holy Sat. At Our Lady of Lourdes. Oh yah, St Bernadette's Feast Day! 
And I came back officially on Easter Vigil Last year. As a Catholic. 
This Year on Easter Vigil Jeff gets Confirmed and First Communion. 
He said the scales were lifted from his eyes. 
All The Rosaries and Prayers brought me back. And led Jeff to become Catholic.
Yes it's a great story. But more importantly it Shows KEEP PRAYING FOR LAPSED Catholics! And those who are Lost. 
We're just wondering in the Desert. 

I pray today this Good Friday lapsed Catholics (fam, friends, loved ones) Soften their hearts to Jesus. And come to love the Light and Truth of Jesus. 
And I pray today all soften their Hearts to Yeshua!
May this Good Friday be of Gratitude and Sacrifice. 
Shalom, Shalom


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