Hippie Heart Gypsy Musings

Hippie Heart Gypsy Musings. 
An Artist Journey  

Seriously, I know I've been creating a lot of Artwork. 
A lot. It's not by choice. My Artwork is being led by Adonai. It wasn't always that way....
And practically speaking.... 
Like seriously, working 12 to 14 hours a day on Art is kinda bit much. Really, that's a theme in my life as an Artist. When I have time I will devote it to my Artwork.   

Why the 365 Series??

My vision at first was blurry. Lol. I kept praying and asking why the 365 and a month and half a go this ideal popped in my head during prayer. An App with 365 Bible Verse Art as well as 365 Be Not Afraid Art. There will be more too it, I just don't know whole picture yet. I'm trusting in Adonai. 

How is the Series going?? 

I officially finished all the Artwork for each Series in May. I did it in 6 months. 
A piece of my Artwork can take a few pretty long days.
So it's not just instantly they appear. Digital Art is just as intense and difficult as any other style of Artwork. 
It's taken me around 8 years of learning, developing and just doing it. I mean you CAN NOT grow as a Artist without Hard work. Gotta keep at it, cause you never know where you will end up, Artistically. The joys in the journey, right?
Shalom, Shalom


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