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As an Artist people will say Shanti, your so talented. Wow a gift. Really creative. 

The Truth bomb...

Actually this is 10 years of creating this style of Artwork. And it's daily work. Sometimes 8 hours or more. And has been that way for 7 years when I got more serious and focused. It is a lot of Hard work. 

I learned on my own. Because it wasn't even a thing, digital Graphic Art like mine (called NFT's Now!) when I started. 

And I had to delete a lot of Artwork. I would do up to 150 plus edits on each piece. I tried and spent alot of $$ on so many apps related to photography and design. I doubted myself, and thought I suck, this sucks. 
I did this alone.

Many ignored the pieces I created. I wouldn't get a single like on Instagram. But I kept at it. I transitioned from my photography with positive words and statements to Graphic Design and Art. I learned about Font Art, I learned about layout and design. No classes, just me and my phone. I did some work on my iPad, but mostly on my phone. I felt like giving up. But I would nap and call it a day. 
I was lead to do a piece of inspirational Photography Art a day in 2017 for a year. 
And I did it. Some pieces I was like mmm not feeling it, others I thought were lit no one noticed. But I kept going. 

I lost inspiration. But I kept going. I only had me to push and challenge myself. I was also grateful for Jeff Harvell Jr. Support and love of my work. I had a few friends who liked and loved my work. I kept going. I got Covid and nearly died. I kept going. I re acquainted myself with Yeshua. And my Artwork started to change. I was confused and uncertain at times but I kept going. I realized I wanted a Pop Art feel to my work. Mix of Early Peter Max, Lisa Frank and Andy Warhol Style. I tried but failed, and kept going. I became Catholic again. I was again confused and feeling inspired to change up my style. I deleted 600 pieces of Artwork. But I kept going. I deleted 10,000 design elements, backgrounds I created, Art, etc. I felt empty. Maybe I was wrong. Confused, and uncertain, I kept going. 

Then at the end of 2022 I started doing Bible Verse Artwork. Just randomly. But I didn't know the Bible. I kept going. I got this inspiration after my time in reflection and Prayer. I felt inspired to do another 365 personal Art Challenge, again.

It was to be called Daily Bible Verse Artwork. I was anxiety ridden, fearful I couldn't complete it. But I kept going. I had horrible Crohn's days, and couldn't leave my bathroom or bedroom. But I kept going. I got Covid again. And it was brutal. But I kept going. I started out with only a few pieces of Daily Bible Verse Artwork from last year. But I kept going. Then I prayed I can't, you can, I'll let you God. And I started stockpiling Artwork. I would get panic attacks that I couldn't complete this personal challenge, and it's too much stress. But I kept going.  
I just Kept going. Somedays I do 6 hours of design on my Artwork. Some days four. Once in a while I take a day off. But I usually do something related to my Artwork.

As of today I've posted 101 pieces of Daily Bible Verse Artwork. 
And amazingly I actually have 90+ Daily Bible Verse Artwork pieces ready to be posted and in waiting as of today. 
I'm set for the next three months. I just kept going. 
I'm also planning on learning some new tricks and design styles and ideas. 
My long (I know!) Message is this. Just keep going. Do whatever you are lead to everyday. Even if just for 20 mins. That's what I did when I was working full time. And keep going. Don't give in, give up or give out. 
Take a Nap and then start again. Even if you delete it. Just do it. Whether a Cake, a Meal, A drawing, Anything Artistic or Creative. 
Being an Artist means you never stop. Keep Going. 
You will get better in your style. You will see growth in your work. But it's truly down to discipline and just doing it over and over. Not flashy or magical. 
Roll up your sleeves and work! And more work! That's a true Artist!


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