Smiley Face LOVE

Daily Bible Verse Artwork. I love the iconic Smiley Face. Where emojis to me come from. As a kid I had a smiley face pillow! And other kewl 70's smiley face goodies. They were my fav things! 
It makes me happy to see one. I know in my heart Jesus gives a thumbs up to the Smiley Face! It just turned 50 years old, btw.
And having Joy 24/7 isn't possible on Earth. But we strive for it like shooting for the stars.
And Joy = Gratitude to me. So if we can stay in gratitude we can draft in the Joy of God's L O V E for us!

My prayer today is that we find gratitude in the smallest of things, so we may gift others with our smile.

Shalom, Shalom


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