Another Jimmy Buffett Art Tribute

Another tribute Art Piece. I added Lyrics from his Floridays Album Song, 
If It All Falls Down lyrics (excerpt) 

Never wanted to be
A part of history
I have my days in the sun
A beach bum a man for all seasides
Guidance counselor said
Your scores are anti-heroic
Computer recommends
Hard-drinking calypso poet

Side Note:
In his Forty's Jimmy knew he needed to get help for his hard drinking, and he did therapy to deal with it. He didn't like playing hungover at his concerts, and didn't like cheating his fans. He credits living to his 70's with that decision. 

He knew the party needed to go on, but not to the point of no return. 
He spread a lot of happiness. It's mind blowing he made more money than any other Musician. On his business sense, not his records. Lol. 

Follow your dreams, stay with them, no matter how insignificant the world says they are. 

After all Who thought an aspiring Calypso Poet would accomplish all he did? 


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